About Us

Formed in 2019

and who's initials GPS is a spin on

Global Positioning System, the satellite technology used to identify our exact location whilst on the move. 

Proud to be members of the BPA 

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Also supporting Disabled Motoring UK
and there Disabled Parking Association

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Geo Pay Solutions 


have spent years developing a unique multiple service application for the motor industry. 
It incorporates many useful features, that keeps the motorists up to date, safe and legal, whilst giving them access to every vehicle related service
a motorist will need from one single point.


One of these features allows an action to take place upon the entry of
set zones  

That might be 

  • An welcome message or notice upon arrival  

  • Advertisement and promotions

  • Advice, directions or warnings 

  • One off payments

  • Time related charges

We use this technology for our prospective clients such as

  • Car Park Owners

  • Councils 

  • Hospitals 

  • Airports

  • Retail and Stores 

  • Stadiums and Arena's 


Giving these organisations an alternative method of engagement with their customers and the ability for them to take payments in the most cost effective way possible, with no need for expensive hardware and infrastructure 

and the cotrol to turn zones on and off at will

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