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If you are interested in getting a quote

to enable your customers to take geo payments,

please tell us the following information in your message

OWNER: Local Authority / Private owner / Event Co-ordinater?
QTY: How many car parks are you interested in activating ?

AGE: is this or are they new or existing? 

TYPE: what type of car parking do you have 

A. Street Parking

B: Open ( Field, spare land)

C. Private Car Park

E. Local Authority car park


FEATURES: Let us know what features you may be interested in

Please note customers payment can be taken from 



Bank Card 

Setup for bank card and pay by phone need only be done once unless loading a new card / account to pay  

Standard Information available:

Name of Operator: (Optional)
Contact Details : Telephone / E mail / Website

Open / Closed times 
Location details 

Terms & Conditions (Fines etc..)

Parking Fees displayed prior to entry
Acceptance Verbal / Manual/ Automatic 

Customer Entry message (Welcome to  our car park)

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