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How much does each wrap weigh?

Each wrap weighs less than 9 grains (gn).

Will the wrap affect the flight of my arrow or bolt?

During testing, there was no affect on the flight of our crossbow bolts and arrows.

How is this different than the arrows with a built-in indicator (Bloodsport®)?

Gutcheck Indicators have acid-responsive material on them that will change colors only when exposed to the acids within the digestive tract of the prey. If only exposed to blood, no color change will occur and the blood will be visible on the indicator. Also, the wraps can be applied to any arrow or bolt so you do not have to purchase a particular brand to use our wraps.

What happens if the indicator wrap gets wet from rain or snow?

The ink will not change colors when exposed to water that is not acidic. However, continued exposure to water should be avoided. Prolonged exposure to water may damage the wrap requiring replacement.

How does the reflective wrap differ from others?

Our wraps are made from high quality, highly-reflective material.

Is the ink safe?

Yes. The ink is non-toxic.

I noticed that after some time the ink changed back to its original color. Can the wrap be reused again?

The ink will revert back to its original color after some time and will change color again when exposed to acid.

How long should I wait to retrieve the arrow or bolt to inspect it after shooting it at an animal?

In dry conditions, we recommend retrieving your arrow or bolt within 20-30 minutes to inspect the arrow for evidence of color change due to exposure to digestive acids. In wet conditions, retrieving the arrow sooner might be desireable.

What should I do if the edges of the wrap seem to come detached?

Various weather conditions (i.e. temperatures and humidity) can affect the adhesive properties of the wrap. If the edges appear to come detached, we suggest pressing on them with the body of an ink pen or other hard material to re-adhere them to the arrow shaft.

When should I apply the indicator wrap to my arrow/bolt?

We suggest attaching the indicator wrap to the arrow or bolt shortly before the hunt to ensure good adhesion and to prevent exposure to any material that may cause an unwanted color change. If attached well in advance of the hunt, pressure may need to be applied to the wrap to confirm proper adhesion. Also, some changing of color of the pH sensitive indicator region may occur but this will not affect the indicator's ability to change color if subjected to digestive fluids.

Why don't the deer family wraps work for hogs, bears and turkeys?

The wraps are specially designed to react to the specific acid level of the intended prey which varies specie-to-specie in most cases. The wraps for the deer family (whitetail, mule deer, moose and elk) work interchangeably as do the wraps for the hogs, turkeys and bears. However, the deer family and the hog, turkey and bear wraps will not work interchangeably due to differences in the stomach acid pH levels in each.

Where should I apply the indicator wrap on the arrow or bolt?

Since each bow or crossbow setup is different, the answer to this varies by setup. Generally, we find most users place the indicator wraps closer to the broadhead to increase the front-of-center (FOC) weight. The indicator wrap should be placed along the arrow or bolt shaft in a location to avoid contact with the arrow quiver as this may cause damage to the indicator wrap.

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